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I am a crafty girl of 37 years who loves anything to do with making pretty things! My crafty interests span far and wide and I am always on the lookout for something new to try!

I started my little blog to have fun and meet super nice folks along the way...(and so far it's going great!!!)!

I love to use !!! points, () and ...'s when I write... (that's really the only way to communicate as far as I am concerned...)!!!

I have the endless support of my hub (RonChops), doggies (DogChops, HarrietChops and CharlotteChops) and most importantly my wonderful and creative mom (momChops)...I of course cannot forget dadChops, sisterChops and brotherChops too!

The other part of my life is that I work full time for a ginormous telecommunications company as a manager of a web team (comprised of extremely talented designers, developers, information architects and content writers). I heart each and every one of them!!!

Hope you enjoy my ramblings and goings on!

More hugs than you can stand,


design, pottery, card making, cooking, sewing, all things paper crafty, jewelry making and lots of other odds and ends (mostly odds... trust me).