About me

My name is Violet Lowe and I'm from Madison, Wisconsin. My husband George and me have three kids, two boys and a girl. Taking care of the kids is still pretty much a full time job for me, seeing how they are all 10 years old and younger. I'm a stay at home mom is what I'm trying to say basically. Even though there's still a lot of work around the kids, as they are getting older I'm starting to get some "me time" back which allowed to delve into arts and crafts as a hobby.

I don't do anything advanced or overly complicated, most of the time at least, because for that you need time. Less demanding arts and crafts projects and repairs of broken and discarded things are however right up my alley. Nothing is safe once I get my hands on it. My brain immediately starts creating ideas for improvements, additions, etc. Take for example the recently discussed Wall-Mart pots that were turned into candle holders. DIY arts and crafts projects like that and more is what Lolly Chops is going to be about. By the way, my friends call me Lolly, hence the name for this website, LollyChops, as in karate chops, get it? I'll show myself out, 🙂 . Anyway, thank you visiting and I hope I see you soon.