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Resource for jewelry design ideas – Etsy

Sometimes even the best of us get in a dry spell and we just don’t have any ideas on what to do, creatively speaking. Newcomers to the world of DIY arts and crafts might not even get to that stage, not having any ideas on what to do is keeping them from getting into DIY. That’s where browsing Etsy shops comes into play.

Broken sofa arm repair project – part 1

Recently I started a project of repairing a busted sofa arm, you can check out the introductory post about it over here. Basically I managed to get my hands on an older sofa with a broken arm and now I’m working on restoring it. Initially I didn’t know what I got myself into. After some help from my husband, I’m really close to starting to apply a new layer of upholstery, at least on the sofa arm.

Custom shoe design ideas on the cheap

People often think that in order to have a DIY hobby you need to spend a lot of money. I guess it’s true for some hobbies, some of them can end up being quite pricey. However there’s PLENTY of things that you can do with as little as $10, even less. Today I’m just going to be sharing a cheap DIY shoe design idea I got when strolling through Wall-Mart the other day.

Broken sofa arm repair project – the before shot

I’ve been itching to start working on this sofa restore project for quite a while now. Originally I got the idea of doing it after seeing an ad posted on Craigslist where someone was selling a busted sofa, the arm was broken. Price was a bit high at first, but after I managed to get it down to 100$ plus delivery by haggling, I bought it. I guess the people were in a hurry to sell.