Broken sofa arm repair project – the before shot

I’ve been itching to start working on this sofa restore project for quite a while now. Originally I got the idea of doing it after seeing an ad posted on Craigslist where someone was selling a busted sofa, the arm was broken. Price was a bit high at first, but after I managed to get it down to 100$ plus delivery by haggling, I bought it. I guess the people were in a hurry to sell.

Broken sofa arm repair project – before shot

Check out the sofa in question on the image down below. It doesn’t look half-bad to be honest, bit outdated for sure, but that’s what phase two of the restore project is going to be about.

After fixing up the broken arm, my plan is to change upholstery in order to give the sofa a more modern look and feel. Fixing the broken arm will require the help from my husband. Everything else I’m pretty sure that I can do myself. I’ve never done anything like this, but that’s the lure of DIY project now isn’t it. As soon as I make progress with the project I’ll post an update. This is slightly more complicated to pull off for a novice DIY craftswoman, so be patient. Cheers and see you in the next one.

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